We’re waiting for it, that Green Light we want it

They say breaking up is never easy but they also say all of the best songs are break up songs; you just have to ask Alanis, Whitney and Sinead. Lorde’s latest hit Green Light is a return to her former teen power glory but more importantly it’s her anthem as a woman with a broken heart.

Lorde first arrived onto the global scene in 2013 with her hit track Royals that virally infiltrated everyone under 20’s headphones. After a few years away the world never broke up with her. She’s grown up, she’s 20 now, and she’s learnt that relationships are hard, particularly when you’re a global superstar. Infectiously pop Green Light is an anthem for the heartbroken and for the one’s who need to be picked back up again. Her voice is matured, it sounds wiser now and this is key to her newly refined song writing ability.

“I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth” speaks to her ex, someone that you grow to hate throughout the duration of the song but soon forget. The fact is, she’s holding back not only from screaming the truth but also from screaming at all. There is no anger there is only revenge within the track and this is exemplified within the sharp and dangerous backing vocals yelling but not screaming the title of the song, “I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it.” The listeners feel the need for this light as you hang on so tightly before you let go of the song and it fades away.

It’s hard to discern a resolution in the song and it’s not necessary. Forgiveness is not what she is looking for and neither is the listener. You want to keep hearing her story and hearing her recovery so that you yourself can jump back up again with her. Cheering alongside her powerful yet timid at times voice Lorde has addressed 2017 head on and we cannot wait to see what more she has to offer.


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