How to unbecome the 5th wheel (or third, up to you)

So here’s the thing, I have these four friends and basically I’m the fifth wheel.

Theo and Layla are that forever couple in the group. They live together, they’ve been on overseas trips and they are just perfect for each other in every way and everyone loves them.

Jem and Dylan are that on-again-off-again/will-they-won’t-they couple in the group. You’re kind of waiting for confirmation but you just know it’s gonna happen annnyy time soon (actually it did for quite a while, now they’re broken up but a rekindling is imminent).

So being around these four friends is great, fine, whatever it’s just that I can’t help but feel ultra weird. Firstly, if I’m not the fifth wheel I’m the third. Especially, say for example, when Theo and Layla start having a private conversation and I’m stuck with Jem and Dylan being all flirty right in front of my eyes whilst pretending they’re still “friends”. Secondly, I don’t have anyone else. It’s just me and them, there’s no inbetween. Lastly, when do I get to be a wheel? Why can’t they awkwardly hang out with me and my somebody, why does it always have to be me with them and never the other way around??

Basically, unbecoming the fifth wheel is hard and to be honest I haven’t yet achieved it. It definitely helps that I’m equal friends with everyone but Layla and Jem are definitely my bffs but it’s not like I don’t get along with either of their boy-toys.

Unbecoming the fifth wheel is basically either get a boyfriend yourself or find a new group of friends. Neither of those are particularly achievable within the next five minutes so I guess I’m stuck.

Embrace being the fifth, third or even seventh (god help you) wheel of this crazy train but work out some strategies that work for you and make sure you get the time you need with your closer friends within the circle of couples. They invited you for a reason, they didn’t want it to be double dating, if they did you wouldn’t be there!

You’re wanted and above all you are that essential fifth wheel that keeps them all together, in friendship not so much in love.

P.S. Pray for me, I will be the fifth wheel next Sunday more than I ever have been before.

P.P.S. I definitely think Jem and Dylan are back together further confirming my fifth wheel status.



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